Fishing Bug when casting too far

The fishing line becomes bugged out when you cast too far.
The line first shows as directly below me:

Then it dissappears

Also the cloak fish picture shows a white box around it in the journal.

Also just to mentioned it again, this still happens when you put the rod away when its casted.

Hi there, we’ve been tracking this bug, but it may have to do with the particular zones. Where were you fishing exactly here?

In the circle on this magnificent greater desert map.

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I assume it has to do with me casting passed the world border.

I experienced this bug today as well along the Eastern shore of Obnobi Wilds, particularly in the Southwest corner just next to the hill. I experimented with cast distance and placement and couldn’t distinguish a pattern. Changing lures had no effect. It seems random as to when the line falls through the water.

We are tracking this bug, essentially you are casting through the “zone boundary” into another zone, so changing lures wont have any effect. The place where you were fishing is the closet to the zone boundary if you cast at more of an angle (to still get the long cast) away from the hill you wont have any issues until we get this fixed. Let us know if it happens to you anywhere else but we are tracking this. Thanks.

I think I have experienced something similar to this, but with my musketeer turret, if I’m on or near a loading border then my turret doesn’t do it’s job when I’m on the opposite side of the zone boundary, it essentially seems to vanish. It does not seem to appear when I cross back either, like it despawns?
The location I noted this happening was at the Jungle Temple, near the coffin that the staff is in.

The area you are talking about wouldnt be a “zone” border, it does load in more assets at that location but it would be a different scenario then the one I described above. Its possible it is a different bug if it happens again let us know and the circumstances around it and we will try re-creating it.

Well, have been experiencing this issue aswell, it’s not a big of a deal but the line disappear when throwing the bait to far. Ps. it doesn’t matter where you are and fishing.

The original post made by Justin has also happened to me on the west side of the Frosted spit

your saying this happens everytime you cast far while fishing no matter where you are fishing at?

In all the places i’ve been, it seems like it, yes. (around highsteppe, jungle and guild city)

Ive never seen this bug in the lower level zones, we will try to do some testing to re-create this and also if you could get a video if you have a chance so we can re-create exactly what you are doing thatd help alot also. thanks for the heads up.

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To follow up on this I was able to recreate this issue (I think). It looks like the line from the tip of the fishing pole to the floating bobber disappears if you cast beyond the view distance. In my testing the rod still functioned properly after that, meaning I was still able to reel in the line and catch a fish normally, the line from the tip of the rod to the reel still turned red as expected, and the next cast the line reappeared provided I didn’t cast too far again. Is this what you were seeing @Zin?

ah forgot to say that it still works normal even if the line is gone, but yes, sorry I havnt got time to make a vid or screenshots how to recreate it but you got it anyway, fyi, if you throw like horizontally and out, you get much further easier.

Alright, I’ve got it in our tracking system. Thanks for following up! If we need any additional information I’ll let you know.

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One more thing, you can just throw it out and start walking around the lake to the point where the line disappears aswell.

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