Fishing bugged?

I first noticed it last week when the catfish was the weekly. Kept getting rainforest and Wasteland fish biting and reeled in while in Highstep fishing for catfish. It has now been a week, and other locations, situations and lures have changed. Was this intended? Where new attributes and rules put out on the update that was about a week and a half ago? Today is Tues, 26 November.

Has any other fellow fisherman ran into the same issues?

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And recently, certain fish that only come out when raining are no longer doing that either.

I’m curious to see if anyone else is having this issue?

Yea, several noted the latest Catfish Quest was a pain since the lure suddenly yielded Bass and Minnows (in the lower HS lake, not the upper). This lure did not use to do that since Reborn release.
Did not test other areas much, did not test special fish (they never came out for me in the first place, because I fish at times where zones are empty and thus reset all the time…) also. But Catfish overlapping like this is not a cool change provided that these are needed for fishing potions (specially thinking about newer players who stumble over that lake, first of all…)

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Ok so I wasn’t going crazy. Does anyone know, or read that these were intended? Or possible something quirky going on since the last major update?

Orbus put a fish tutorial on youtube 4 days ago. Might be related? :thinking: maybe they edited the fish to what they actually wanted it to be before the video…

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You have a link? :grin:

Nm. Here it is for those interested.

After watching the video…I don’t think the fish are acting as intended.

There is definitely something fishy going on!!

I hope they fix it soon because at this point, 40-50% of what you are going for is a lottery, and not a good one. And I’m not even talking rare fish, just the common ones mainly. The one the beginners have to catch. At this moment in time, good luck with that.

Hi, we haven’t changed anything to the lures and what they catch, but if you have an example on what you think has changed exactly (as in a certain lure used to catch in Highsteppe a certain fish and no longer does), let us know and we’ll investigate.