Fishing In Orbus

I had a ton of fishing quests clogging up my mission log so I decided to do them…

I asked around town to get some advice on what kind of bait I would need and where the best place to fish was…

Highsteppe was the logical starting point as I had quests for minnows and sunfish and green belly bass and Catfish.

It took me about 2 and a half hours total to complete quests for each of the fish I mentioned… as well as 2 quests for any kind of fish anywhere and a quest dealing specifically with the Kingsport graveyard. It was not a very exciting experience, but the fish bit often enough to hold my interest and I rather enjoyed it… also completing 7 quests in 2 and a half hours is reasonable progress and comes with a decent reward in XP and Dram.

This morning I decided to do the quest requiring me to catch Clownfish in the Flooded Rainforest. I had been advised that Bloody Flesh was the best bait to use, and that adding a rotten finger after the bloody flesh would improve my chances. I was also given advice on where to fish for clownfish specifically…which took me to the SW and NW of the Rainforest map.

I fished for just over 90 minutes and fully consumed 4 Bloody Flesh / Rotten finger lures.

I went back to town to craft 4 more lures…and while I was there I grabbed Fish Scent Attractor and luck potion and equipped my luck rings and then I went back out to the Rainforest, consumed my potions and fished for another 90 minutes… I caught enough clownfish to advance my quest to Bronze by the time I fully consumed 4 more lures.

I went back to to town and crafted 3 more Bloody Flesh / Rotten Finger lures. I woulda made four but I only had 3 Bloody Flesh left… I went back to the rainforest and fished for around an hour by the end of which time I had fully consumed all 3 lures and advanced my quest only barely to silver…

Somehow this seems really off to me. I can’t really understand why anyone would ever do this lol…

I spent 4 hours and 11 bloody flesh and 11 rotten fingers 2 fish scent attractors and 2 luck potions and the quest is still incomplete… Did I just have really, really, really bad luck or was this indicative of the average experience I should expect if I choose to continue the fishing questline?

If I sound a little salty I can’t help it… but I don’t mean too… I just genuinely want to know if my experience in the rainforest today is an average fishing experience.


Feather, not finger for clown. Aged fish potions work better. Trust me :wink:

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Well I will try again with feathers after I kill enough bears to find 4 bloody flesh and craft and age some Fish Scent potions… I got stacks of feathers and fingers so no problem there…

That really does seem like an awful lot to do to finish a single quest tho…

Are the clownfish more rare than other fish… or should I expect to expend similar amounts of time and resources pursuing fish outside of Highsteppe?

Thanks! I recognize your name because you answered a question about something else for me in the past… tho I don’t remember what…so Thanks again! :smile:

I don’t find Clown Fish any harder or easier than other non-legendaries, but your miles may vary. There are a bunch of little things you can do to make fishing easier (reeling in quickly immediately, tossing the lure the right distance, fishing in the right areas with no crossover) that all add up to a much better fishing experience. I’ve caught well over a hundred fish with a single potion, so it is possible to finish that mission quick, it just takes some getting used to!

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Whats your IGN/Timezone? I will teach you the way of the fish.

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I spent last night fishing for catfish and sunfish and killing bears. I brewed 12 Fish Scent attractors and they are aging now…and I have 7 Bloody Flesh/ Feather lures ready to go. I will try again once my potions have aged…

I don’t doubt you… I have basically ignored the fishing aspect of the game and I guess I just underestimated it and got frustrated. I am gonna take a break from it for a week while my potions age and make plans for how to use the Fish Scent attractors to catch fish that I can brew into stuff that is easily converted to dram…so I can catch more fish that I can brew into stuff that is easily converted to dram…so I can catch more fish that I can brew into stuff that is easily converted to dram… :stuck_out_tongue:

TY again!

Thanks Delceri! That is an awesome offer and I appreciate it!

I never know when I am going to be on tho… sometimes I am on really early and sometimes really late. I have passed you in town more than a few times tho so I know I will run into you. Once my potions are aged I am going to get heavily into fishing and I am sure I will have a lot of questions and I will come find you. Thanks so much!

My IGN is Blackthorne and I am in EST.