Fishing Lure Durability

Yesterday I started with fishing. Now i have plenty of fishing lures with 0/30 durability and some with 30/30 (

. Is it possible to “repair” them? Will fishing lures gain durability through time?
Do you have any other tips for fishing?

Edit: So for everyone wondering: Everytime you use your fishing rod the used fishing lure will lose 2 durability (as far as Ive observed it doesnt matter whether a fish bit or not). As soon as it reaches 0 durability the lure becomes red (see picture above) then you just have to place a new lure for the old one. And you can destroy that one.


I think once they’re broken they’re broken. You can break them down though I think, it pops up when you hover over the item at the bottom of the inventory screen.


Rez is correct you have to break them down and get rid of them :slight_smile:


I haven’t noticed them actually break down into any parts. I think they should just vanish after being used up, would save some time.

they break down like equipment, sometimes you’ll get a crystal and that can be used for artificing(or so I’ve heard) or you can sell the crystals for dram

We believed it may be inconvenient for players if the lure was automatically destroyed upon 0/30 durability. However, they cannot be repaired so you can easily destroy them when you replace the lure with a new one. Lures should not break down into parts or shards. If you witness this happening please let us know (with the lure ingredients you were using if possible).

haven’t done much with fishing since EA launch, but I’ll keep an eye out and let you know. I’m pretty positive I’d gotten shards during the Beta, using Tongue/Eye lures

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