Fishing QoL tweaks

This has all been suggested before, but mostly in comments on threads and it’s really small things that shouldn’t take long to change and would be such a big QoL improvement for fishing.

main improvement: either, reduce the amount the fishing rod vibrates a lot(like down to 10% of what it currently is) or completely remove the vibration for reeling in and only have vibration for when a fish bites so you can easily tell when a fish bites just by the vibration. An animation on the fishing pole, like it bending a bit could also do the trick, but that would probably be more work.

Secondary, not quite as important Improvement: either add a icon for the fishing potion to the exp bar, have the end of the rod glow a little when you have a fishing pot active or put your buff icons on your fishing rod as well. Really annoying not knowing exactly when the potion ends.


Fishing vibration slider in options would also do the trick. I “count”(by feel) the vibrations to cycle my reeling personally.

An animation when you get a bite would be amazing tbh. I still miss fish sometimes + I think that would look really good. Just bend the rod sharply when you get a bite and snap it back when the fish escapes or after you catch it.

I would like a cast net. To be able to catch a few fish at once maybe just take a bit longer to pull in and be harder to do so.

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just barely, with it at max I still need to give it more focus than I’d like to feel every bite.

…and hand-crafted by tinkering profession; and you’ve won my buy-in.

Still really annoying to fish btw, really shouldn’t be that much work to remove or massively decrease the rumble while reeling in.

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The point i most miss about fishing was sitting down, starting a movie in a overlay, and just lazily fishing.

Probably 1/3 of my playtime in orbus

Not really a option any more

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Yup I miss that too