Fix Boss 2. Fix Boss 2. I need 15 characters for Title, so fix boss 2

We were about to run Boss 2 Citadel Hard Mode and then my game crashed. I lost my Plea of Divinity. Because the boss insta kills the group and we don’t have god-tier DPS, the boss cannot be completed without Plea. Because the game crashes repeatedly, the entire group I’m with must now wait another 10 minutes to fight this boss. This is 20 minutes of waiting and wasting pots and time for one run at the boss.

This is incredibly frustrating and makes me want to straight up quit the game.



This is why I straight up just don’t do Hardmode Citadel.

I know I can do it, I’ve already proven that to myself, But I just sucks that I’m doing more waiting than actual fighting. I don’t care for the better gear, At least not at the moment when I have to clear a whole section of my day just to get through it all.

People have been asking for a fix for so long, its time we get one



It’s legit the worst part of my day. I don’t look forward to Hard Mode Citadel Boss 2/4 because on 2, it’s not balanced properly. On 4, I bug out to the point where I begin to question why I keep trying.

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I completely understand it takes time to work on and the devs may be doing it but please make a post here confirming you are. I don’t doubt you’re ignoring it so it would mean a lot if this was high on the priority list. I love the new raid and how much hard work was put into the game recently but a good number of people are avoiding the raid because of it/getting frustrated to the point of giving up.