FIX Warrior Provoke

Fix warrior Provoke heal, it is now WAY too low health recovery.
I used to enjoy playing Warrior since before there was a provoke heal. Alas, Warrior is completely unplayable in its current state compared to Paladin. Very Sad 


Agree , very sad.
Fix warrior.


agree fix warrior very sad


This is simply false, the provoke heal is more than enough to do all bosses and content at the hardest difficulty and even without a healer on some bosses.


Yeah if you’re catering to the top 1% of players, I would like it fixed for the other 99%

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And make that top 1% ridiculously OP? You can’t really do balancing like that.
And if that top 1% can do mist keeper on shard 15 with a bard healer I’m sure the top 5-10% can do it with a musky healer.


I’d have to run new tests to double check, but last I looked at it, Warrior Provoke heal is more heals per second than the passive healing Bard puts out. Warrior is a better self healer than Bard :smiley:

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I agree, I like warrior now it bad because no heal. Warrior bad need fix now. :grin::+1: (big grammar skills)

I main warrior and I can do it (and have done it) on 15s perfectly fine. Fine to the point I can do some bosses with no healer. The issue isn’t that it’s too little, it’s that you’re too slow.

Warrior Provoke heal should work as intended / as being said by one of devs in other thread

Hit Provo combo - Charged Provo strike - Hit Provo combo - …

Because Provo Charged strike heals for more hp but then you realize that you can SPAM combo through your shield (if you ask me that is just stupid) and heal even more by fast spam with no real mechanics in it…

Warriors Provo heal should be raised just for charged hits + Provo tiles seems like adding close to few % of healing increase (cannot test atm)

Well then those 99% of players should just get better

and this attitude is why Orbus has gone to shit


What attitude is that? That perfectly fine things should not be changed?

We can’t just cater to the top 1% of players.

How are we catering to the top 1%?

we can’t balance around anything else tho, as that would make that top 1% OP.
I feel like I’m repeating myself…oh yeah…

And in terms of healing, paladin and warrior are pretty similar, almost the same even(warrior is actually higher btw). So the main difference is needing to be close to the enemy Vs being anywhere and warrior shield vs passive damage reduction.


I personally feel like the warrior needs a buff for damage mainly (even a fully kitted damage side warrior barely does damage) but if you are just going to get rid of the warriors weakness (that isn’t the plague of hit-reg problems) then you should also give the paladin an overall aggro generation buff, because if you are going to get rid of (or lessen the severity of) the warriors main weakness, then you would just kinda leave the paladin with their aggro-gen problem still just kinda… there

If there are multiple warriors in the game that can do the hardest content then the class does not need a healing buff. Consider getting faster at provoking or getting a better healer. Improving yourself is what mmos are all about after all.


I mean it’s not like all balancing has to be linear. Logarithmic curves exist. You could boost people doing lower provokes per second while keeping end-game provokes per second at the same health increase.


or they can increase the warrior agro gain also increase warrior provoke damage from getting 10 damage and a pally gets 1k damage from one swing of the weapon . or make the pally do equal damage with a warrior provoke combo attack