Fletching - Rangers

I hope down the road you guys do some arrow crafting or some sort of fetching.

Sorry but I don’t want to have to buy arrows…


That doesn’t mean you have to buy arrows, instead of just shutting down an idea maybe we should discuss it. so the arrows that are unlimited maybe you can upgrade by crafting for 20mins, or maybe you can have default arrows when you run out of foraged arrows. Let try thinking about things a little longer than 4 seconds.

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I think the idea would be pretty interesting, especially because of how the crafting mechanics work.
Since we do have infinite arrows, I would do something like arrow discovery (craft a new type of arrow with X parts to make a new elemental arrow/effect arrow, etc) Although I will say I do like the infinite arrow thing right now.

I’m down for crafted special arrows. limited in number but normal arrows should be infinite still.

wish warriors can sharpen their blades for full damage like in monster hunter.

rune mages can have that scroll idea people are talking about wanting.

and musketeers can craft orbs or something


The problem is with crafting arrows is how fast they would be used up. i know me and some other end game rangers can all hit the max arrows per second, which is 3 per second. if you are fighting elites, fights can last 5 minutes. thats ALOT of arrows. for special arrows, if you are fighting that same elite, and are using the poison every 15 seconds and the piercing every 10, still alot of arrows. for finding new types of arrows, it takes away the part of the game where you have all your abilities unlocked, and the thing that improves is your skill

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I think the idea people want to push forward is the addition of more crafty type of gameplay. Like job simulator or blackamithing simulators. VR is extremely fun to make things in so i’m all for adding more VR things to do like that to the game. doesn’t have to be arrow making but i know the game would benefit from any implementation of these sorts of mechanics where you get pieces of something and then put it together to make something and then give sell or use it in the world

I can definitely see the point on the limited arrow numbers (I actually like infinite arrows), but as far as arrow discovery, it wouldn’t really reduce focus on skill based gameplay, it would just allow you to have more options overall, while also utilizing the crafting system more. Now with this in mind, If they did something like this, they would either keep the existing arrows (the extra ones) or put them behind crafting as well. Either way as a ranger (possible other classes as well (warriors with blacksmithing or something to that, etc)) I think this could add quite a bit more options and variety in the late game.

Some of the funnest parts of the game are discovering hidden things, and adding smaller discoveries (similar to the runemage T2 and T3 stuff, being hidden *unless someone showed you how to do them beforehand) to some of the other classes would add to that.

Just use the durability system for this. I craft a bundle of arrows with 100 durability or something. So, 100 shots. Would work pretty nicely I think. If the game ever gets real elemental damage and defense elemental arrows to craft would be a great addition.

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i wouldn’t make shots take away durability, but that idea works too :slight_smile:

That would be cool, i was thinking we would have a knife to cut off some of the shaft a few times and add it to our quiver. But that would be cool if the runemage could cast on the arrow or at your house you apply spells to the arrows.

I was pretty inspired by Vae’s suggestion and where it took my mind so I opened a new discussion.

and the globe mechanic and aiming from far or shooting rapidly up close. seems like you guys got plenty :slight_smile: is warriors tho. all i got was a different shield :frowning:

I agree like a fletching knife that you can carve the arrow twice or 10 times to upgrade the teier

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