Floating Tree/Rock Locations

With the shift from low poly to smooth terrain some of the once planted trees have started flying. Please only post the location best as you can describe it (screenshots are very helpful), if you have feedback over trees (looks,etc) please post it in a new thread. Thanks for all the help and feedback.

found a floating tree right outside ma’at’s throat

Afraid to get too close so it’s hard to see, twisty tree closest to the middle of the screenshot is floating. This is near the teleport runestone for the Temple of the Blue Worm, a little left if you head towards the temple

Do you mean that we should post anything but floating trees in another thread? I found the following things and I don’t know if it is handy to post it here:

  • floating grass
  • places you should not be able to teleport/walk to but can.
  • places you should be able to teleport/walk to but can’t.
  • Minor exploits of places you can teleport to but shouldn’t.

Should I place it in this thread?

No that would be perfect in here, I was meaning more of suggestions/opinions of the newer trees.rocks,etc. (you dont like the looks of them, think they are the wrong colors, etc.)

Okay so this will be a long one ( sorry ) and could have been more but I think that only the starter area is important now. Also, all feedback is meant well and may contain some unnecessary small visual bugs and a few small spoilers for others.

So lets start with the floating grass (actually not one of the important ones but still worth mentioning). I started noticing the grass is floating above the ground on a lot of places. But soon I found out I could sum it up in one simple rule: If the ground transitions from flat to a hill/mountain or any other steep ground you will have floating grass there. As example you could see the floating grass on the edge of the mountains in the training area in Figure 1. Photo could have been better but if you look for yourself you will see the grass floating all around the mountain.
Figure 1.

A small other thing is that you can teleport through the wall of the training area as seen in Figure 2. This is the case for a lot of walls and objects in the world currently. I understand if this particular case isn’t that bad and fixing this will take too much time anyway. So I won’t bother talking about these locations anymore (unless they lead to shortcuts of-course).
Figure 2.

Another thing is that you can just walk and teleport through are the signs of the training area. A bit strange but still needed the mention. (Figure 3)
Figure 3.

Now an interesting part where I have seen people including myself get confused about. That is: On almost every stair and door in the game, you can walk/teleport behind or through it. Then sometimes people get stuck. See Figure 4 if you wanna understand what I say.
Figure 4.

Maybe one of the most annoying one of them all, is the fact that 95% of the buildings on the game have the wrong walking outline. I mean that you have buildings where you can walk a bit inside it, or you can’t even get close to them. This includes everything. From normal house to statues of Ma’ats keep and trade stalls. This is a bit annoying for teleporters but people who use trackpad get really confused why they can’t move to certain locations. I would mainly think the market stalls will get them confused in the beginning. This is not a game breaker, but I am afraid that people will think that the game is broken or their trackpad isn’t working, while it is just an unwalkable area that should be walkable or the other way around. See all the example photos below in Figure 5.
Figure 5. These are just examples. It is basically every object in the game.
Cenn’s farm can not get close to the building on multiple places.

random market stall has some teleport spots but still unwalkable.

chef’s house you can walk through the stairs but not that little spot on the photo…

ma’ats keep statues able to walk to and not able to get close on other places.

inside Lakewood Inn an unreachable fire.

You can teleport inside all the buildings of University Isle.

Walking is the fountain of guild city is fun, but walking through the statues and water catcher is another story haha.

As sad to see this go (because it looks cool), There are at-least two places where you can start walking underwater as seen in Figure 6.
Figure 6. First one is the water against guild city and you can go underwater there. Second photo is at the bridge of Corner’s path. Failed a bit there with the second photo.

Random observation: is this tree suppose to be this tilted with the branch going through the other tree instead of leaning against it? (Figure 7)
Figure 7.

Okay time for the real small exploits. You can get outside the basement of your house by teleporting through the walls as seen in Figure 8.

Figure 8.

A similar but probably worse case is that you can teleport through the walls of ma’ats keep passage and get in the secret room and even further outside the whole cave into a platform. Also fun note: I found spiders chilling outside the cave on the platform, but they disappeared before I could make the photo. (Figure 9)
Figure 9.

Almost there :blush: last one and maybe worse. So in the cave at Kingsport (if it is still called that) towards Patreayl Ranges and also in the level 8 dungeon you can teleport outside. Then you can teleport back in at the other side of the caves. This can be used as exploit to skip to the boss in the lvl 8 dungeon and to the book in the Petreayl cave. One note thou: In Figure 10 you will see me fail to teleport outside the level 8 dungeon cave, but only because my room scale size wasn’t big enough (I am convinced it it possible). I could however walk in the walls past the beginning mobs. For the Patreayl cave I could walk everywhere outside the cave and steal the book without conflict. Also enemies walked through the walls sometimes haha.
Figure 10. Photo 1 the lvl 8 dungeon. Photo 2 the Patreal cave made from outside the cave towards the entrance portal. I can teleport to the portal but I made the wrong photo, so don’t confuse it with not being able to get there.

Phew, I think I pointed out enough for the beginning area (prob even too much). But I also understand some of those things aren’t high enough priority for early access. But we never know if we won’t tell them. So thnx for reading even thou it was alot.


thanks for the detailed post, I was aware of some of those but not all so thanks. one question on the cave dungeon and kingsport cave, were you able to teleport through the walls, or use room scale movement to go through the walls then TP around once beyond them?

The kingsport cave didn’t need room scale, but made it easier to look for teleport spots. For the lvl 8 dungeon you have to use room scale. But still those teleport spots in the lvl 8 dungeon should never be reachable. Mainly because using the room scale doesn’t move the furthest point that you can teleport to. The only advantage you get from room scale is making your pointer hand go through the wall so the wall is not blocking the aiming.

Floating tree between village and docks in Lucian plateau Also lots of floating grass in that zone, most obvious is on the edges of Hullithane’s gate.

Edit - found a few more by the Pyramid in the rainforest.

Not sure why the grass is missing, was on high graphics, but the game seemed stuck in low for some reason

Narrow Orchard is behind the tree, Ma’at’s Keep is just to the left of the screenshot
We tried to fix the floating tree, but shooting it didn’t work :frowning: lol

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Just following up on this to say we’re tracking it down. Thanks for reporting!

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