FPS Lag with 1080ti?

So I know this is in beta, so I’m not going to expect this to be perfect.

I’m running on Medium Graphics with the highest scaling on SteamVR. Most games will run highest graphics with highest scaling.

I’ve got an
i7-4790k OC @4.5Ghz
GTX 1080ti 11GB
SSDs and HDDs galore

YEt I’m only getting 60fps?

Any tips or anything? I have scaling on max because…I can? And also helps so much with motion sickness.

By highest scaling do you mean 5.0 super sampling? Because you for sure will not get 90fps with that on. I personally run the game at 1.0 with the graphics settings on high. Not hitting reprojection is really important to me.

What Nvidia driver are you using?

Yes, sorry. 5.0 Super Sampling. I run every other game on that just fine. And Orbus is a more simplistic looking game, so? Surely it should be fine. Like it is a 1080ti. I’m ok running the game on lower as there isn’t much difference between Ultra and Med in my opinion.

Latest Drivers.

Yeah 5.0 scaling is probably way too high. I would recommend using High or Ultra and 1.0 scaling. We have 8x MSAA on if you are on Ultra so honestly I’m not sure that scaling is really needed at that point.

But I guess yeah if you are running at 5.0 scaling you are definitely going to get significant graphical lag.

I wonder how good this game will perform once we actually are a lot of active players in EA. Did u run a stress test on client performance?

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