Frequency of character wipes

Sorry if this has been said somewhere - I searched and didn’t see anything. @Riley_D do you have a general plan for the frequency of character wipes as we play through the alpha and beta?

I think he said that the characters would be wiped between every test until the beta, then he would wipe the beta characters when the game officially released.

I’m not totally sure yet. I don’t think we’ll wipe between every single test (since I know that I would not want to have to re-level my character ever 2 weeks haha). I think the goal during the Alpha is to constantly have new stuff being added that you’ll want to try.

So for example, this first 48-hour Alpha test next week, there’s been a lot of tuning changes to the combat, everyone will start at Level 1 and it makes sense that we want you to do the 1 - 8 grind even if you did it during the Stress Tests since the combat tuning is so different.

Then for the next test two weeks later, hopefully we’ll have additional Runemage abilities to try out, plus the basic Herbalism gathering (for Alchemy) in. So you wouldn’t want to have to re-level from 1 - 8, instead we want you to spend a couple of hours on the new stuff. Then the next test might have the expanded Fishing prototype, etc.

So the general idea is that if you’re showing up to every test, rather than resetting your character every time so you have to do the same old slog again, hopefully we’re adding some major new thing each time that you will want to test. And if you’re only able to play a few hours during each test, we want you to be able to get to level 8 over the course of a couple of tests, not constantly have to reset back to level 1 every time.

Eventually we’ll also add in more zones, increase the level cap by increments of 4 until we’re at 20, etc.

I know we will definitely do a reset at the start of the Closed Beta and then obviously once we end Beta and move into “Live”/Early Access. I also know that we may have to do a reset once or two before then, but it’s not going to be every single time for sure. At this point I have no plans to do a rest for at least the first few tests.


This is great information!

One quick clarifying question just to make sure I understand. Will these wipes reset existing character levels or will they delete the character entirely? (Mostly asking for name preservation purposes).

The wipes will remove character levels and inventory but the base character (and name) will be safe.

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So once you take a name in Alpha or Beta, you essentially have it reserved through launch?

That’s correct, this was confirmed by the devs as a perk of getting in early.

That’s correct. The way the “name reservations” work is basically as soon as you’re eligible to start playing the game (e.g. Closed Alpha, Closed Beta, etc.) you can make one character. That character may be “reset” in terms of level/gear/etc. but they won’t be deleted which means as long as you yourself don’t delete it you can keep that same character (and name) through launch.

If you change your mind about your character’s name or appearance you can delete that one and make a new one, but you only get one.