Frost orb musketeer


When shooting player in the wilds with frost orb, it does not slow them down. I am not sure if this is intended only for monsters or not. It works on monsters, but does not slow players.


Trap frost chicken slow and stun knockback and gravety orb do not work in pvp


Basicly; players can not change other players movement or position, except for musk turret speed boost tallent


yes but I am pointing this out incase it was intended to work for pvp


It does work its just not that great. Most people just use poison, shield, cure wounds, renew.


No, they have no effect except damage.


FYI, Warriors can stun against players. Mages frost does work on players. It does have diminishing returns. They put that in months ago.


I think that the hamstring combo also works against players but correct me if I am wrong


Yes it does, though with hit detection vs duration it’s not used very often


I would really like to see that work… and I’d cast it on myself and pretend to be wild life, pick pick pick, I am just an innocent chicken, searchin for grains around the chest… :joy:


I personally would like the turret to work in pvp as well as the other abilities (frost, gravity, slow). It is such a main component of the class. I realize that the auto attack is likely op but what if the turret could be destroyed by the enemy.


The auto attack is not OP as it doesn’t do much damage. Healing is much better for PvP. And as an fyi, the turret can be destroyed by the enemy.


@Vassago Thanks. I didn’t realize the turret could be destroyed by an enemy. That is good to know.

If not OP, why not allow the turret to do damage in PVP? I guess I don’t mean that the damage is OP but that the class as a whole becomes OP.

Although low damage I imagine warriors would have a hard time defending against it, especially when the turret is empowered with poison. The turret might even be thrown high enough where warriors could not destroy it.

Combine auto attack and heals, the musketeer could conceivably just sit there while the other sides health continues to drop (there is more to it than that of course). If I remember correctly the heals were an issue in PVP before being nerf’d.

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