Funky Pip Times on Boss 1

I’ve never had this before and it happened a couple times during the raid I was in.

On Boss 1, in the middle of the boss fight, my pips would not drop from 5. At first I thought I was desynced but everyone was like no your books are working and was still getting a circle. I couldn’t figure out how to drop pips until I ground slammed. What was super weird about this was that it happened once, and I was like huh weird, I relogged. Then it happened again, but it started happening mid fight.

The current theory is that the positioning somehow got “off” mid fight. Sometimes at the beginning of a boss fight, the boss won’t be present or won’t be standing where he’s supposed to be or “actually is”, but as soon as someone else engages with the boss, it’ll fix itself no relogs necessary.

I relogged each time and it fixed it? but it was just super weird it started mid fight. How would I lose a boss mid fight?

I’ve done this boss a lot, and literally never happened before. I was using a different internet/ guardian than I normally do which I wouldn’t think would have an effect on this? It was the only thing different about my setup I can think of. I also continued with the raid and it didn’t happen again on any other boss so just really not sure happened there.


Can they confirm next time that your hands and head are moving? And that you are rotation?

There is this in between desync that happens that freezes your character from rotating. Its a seperate server service of Orbus that you can loose connection to. You can still walk around and things like circles still attack you.

When this happens things like opening boss 4 red phase are impossible. It is also characterized by pallys being unable to use their normal pips, but they can use ground slams. This is because your character is frozen looking in one direction. You can hit with normal pips when you find the angle your frozen in though and your frozen hammer is stretched far enough forward xD

I didn’t ask this, pretty sure I was able to light a circle like this though.

The second time it happened when I was main aggro at the boss facing the same direction. I was hitting it, and all of a sudden I couldn’t remove my pips. I wasn’t rotating at the time which was why it was so noticeable.

Just so weird. I guess this location has worse connection to that specific service? XD

Hands were definitely moving as that’s the first thing I looked for, didn’t seem to be a full desync

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Nearly Everything looked fine on my end except that I couldn’t see her hammer. I saw the lightning effects, character animations fine, just no hammer model.

this has been happening to me, at once at a very very bad time… end of boss 3 and it wiped the party, it took us forever to get that far because of dealing with other bugs so it was very unfortunate that this happened so late in the fight

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