Future Class Archetypes

What would you guys like to see in Orbus in the future?

I’d love to see a class that has to do with pets or summons. I really like managing multiple pets at once or the other route of focusing on a single powerful pet.

I’d like to see a shapeshifting class that requires different attack patters depending on the form they’re in.

I’d like to see a stealth class that can go invisible at least temporarily. and with high mobility

I’d like to see a bard class that hits on drums and instruments around them to cast spells and buff people.

What classes do you guys think would be awesome to see one day?

I very much agree with a future summoner class because ive considered it since the beginning, i think it would go nicely with orbus’ style.

That being said we have to understand that nothing like this will be added until after orbus is out of early access.


Yeah I believe they said probably not until the first expansion. I just enjoy daydreaming about my MMO addiction. Also what it seems like, to me at least, is that the Devs really read all of our posts (even the crappy long posts!) and they write down pretty much everything. If that’s true why not keep offering whatever ideas come to mind? :slight_smile:

I always love summoner classes and would probably play one. What animals/monsters should they summon? unique summons to the class? monsters out in the world? just one species of monster, like only beasts?
It would be cool if pet battling was included one day and then when you reach level twenty you can use that “class” in battle and use your pet abilities on monsters at will. be pretty interesting.

Maybe pet class can be a limited use class. perhaps it requires you to have different pet food and feed your pet every so often, maybe different animals have different food requirements.

This could be used for some of the professions later too, like you reach lvl 20 in alchemy (so you do the correct damage to the monsters endgame), then you spend a few days farming materials until you craft a bunch of potions which you throw at the monsters or your allies. whoever is splashed by your potions gets the effects. However you can run out of potions so you must always be managing your alchemy supplies and potion stocks and make sure to age your potions.

Same thing for Engineer with gadgets, imagine powering those gadgets for a limited time to do all sorts of things, some of which can be damaging and healing abilities. Perhaps only a skilled engineer can acquire the reagent you need to make gadgets be effective in battle (as opposed to just being cool random things to every other class)

still warn a lancer class that would be fun. a spear and sheald could make an interesting combination.

I think that would be cool, I always liked lances but maybe not practical in orbus. the tip of your lance will be far from the front of your shield so either your blocking and your lance is through the monster but not able to do damage, or you’re attacking from far and the shield is useless. I think the coolest aspect is the weapon’s looks so maybe some more options for the existing warrior class would be awesome. In terms of a midrange melee maybe chain-blades you swing around!
or even a two handed class with a long sword or mace. I feel like swinging from so close will be an issue though, don’t know how to mitigate that. Maybe have the character’s hit/collision box be much larger than the rest of the classes, so the monsters stop farther from you and can hit you from farther.

try looking up VRdungeon knight it gives a good scence of how to do spear and sheald well.

I like the idea of a tamer class but instead of using food for there attack u use a laser pointer each color could do a different attack
Ex yellow it lung
Red is bace attack
Green is poison or pet specific attack like fire
to switch between them u can just swipe on the them pad / stick
And in your off hand a whip so u can also do sume dps as well
It could also have a blue laser to tell it were to go so u don’t half to be the one to get the agro
And to balance it xp is split between u and the pet in one of 3 ways 100% to you 100% the pet and 50:50

Or a wistle (different amount of wistle do attack, return or whatever)
And just pointing with the other hand on an enemy (highligt them similar to swordrush) to select them.

Na its no fun if your just standing back and not fighting a off hand weapon would be a must

I’d like to manage multiple pets, and if not I’d like to manage placing enchantments on my active pet to increase it’s effects. Definitely can’t just have u stand there while your pet does everything.

Id rather have a wistle than a laser pointer :slightly_smiling_face:

ok it be more lore friendly and could work about the same about the same just replace color for sound but as i sed before an off hand weapon is a must for a class like this

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I would like to personally see a healing focused class, the musketeer is hardly able to do the job solo while questing… a cleric / priest would be quite nice to see.

Everytime this thread pops up I feel the need to say Necromancerrrrrr! Necro Necro NecroMANCER! Sic your combat minions on a mob then throw some Affliction and Shadow spells to finish them off. Maybe be able to sacrifice your summons for Health or a Boosted attack. Special is a Super Summon!


I would love to have a necromancer, maybe he used a staff and shoots an arching bolt forward. when an enemy dies near you you gain a charge of a spell which allows our to summon a minion to fight by your side for a short time. maybe your health is split by the number of minions you summon. Maybe like you said a damage over time spell that if on the target when it dies will revive them under your control. They can even be the pet/summoning class and in a later expansion they can let us focus on specific sorts of animals or undead or transformations maybe.

I’d like to see multiple classes for each current class. like a sword and shield warrior, a 2H warrior and a dual-wield warrior.

for rune mage i’d like to see a fire mage who can shoot multiple spells at a time or combine spells for big single target damage. I would like frost mage for AOE and movement impairing/defensive play. and maybe arcane mage or some type of mage for buffs and all types of wards and defenses as well as better teleportation and possible in-combat rez.

Musketeer can have a sniper type that shoots from far but is good single target. a dual pistol or machine gun guy for close combat/AoE stuff. and a mortar guy who sets up stations for people to heal, be protected, he can shoot out big healing AOE or single target and can have multiple turrets or things healing different people.

archer can have a normal archer but with many more slots for arrows or something sick. they can have someone with a crossbow or a repeating crossbow so you can be more mobile, maybe they excel in stealth situations and traps. then you can have one with a pet maybe like a WoW hunter.

for a pet class I’d like a necromancer for undead summoning and vampiric stuff. I’d like a class that summons animals or other creatures. and they could also spec into being a shapeshifter and take on the abilities of specific creatures.

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