Future Customization Options?

Hey Orbus Community!
Been really enjoying the game these past few days, just wanted to ask if there will be more face/hair customization options coming? If so, will I be able to customize my current character, if/when they’re implemented?



We don’t have a date to announce for it yet, but there will be more options in the future and you will be able to change appearance of your character.


Is there supposed to be an option for dark blue hair, I met someone on the zeplin to guild city with dark blue hair and we role played seeing the city for the first time as a country bumpkin she was way higher level then me so maybe there was a barber or something because when I went to make a 2nd character with dark blue hair I couldn’t find the option. As a side note could you make eye brows match hair color? Personal pet peeve so not super important but ocd kicks in with half the eye options

Perfect, thank you so much!

Bonus question when the update comes out will we be given the opportunity to change the looks of our already created characters?

This is answered in his reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks multi tasking atm didn’t even see the end of his response question retracted

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I really hope there will be more facial hair options as well.


I really hope this will happen soon. When I started the game I didn’t even think about it and chose my alpha character which was bald and standard look. Ready for some rogaine. :smiley:


As someone who likes looking great while I play, I really really really look forward to an in-game barber and hopefully, downstream, a transmog system (like offered in another MMO).

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