Future pet rarity

Since the release of reborn pets have become easier and easier to get, in preborn the raid pets were really rare and sought after and seeing how it is now it’s kinda disappointing

With the release of the new pets for the world bosses it’s made me want to post and see how others feel about pets in orbus and their drop rates, the world bosses have rare drops of rings which is the reason to them, the pets were added as additional reason to do them, however the pets are way more common than a ring, and you need 2 rings to have best in slot rings which means everyone already has the boss pets and now there isn’t as much reason to do them again

Going forward I’d like to see pet drops to be extremely rare (not changing current rates but any new pets added) so they are something that is kinda rare and sought after, so there is more achievement in getting them rather than “oh that’s neat” and then shoved into a chest and never looked at again


It would be nice if they were rarer… people are deleting the poor extra Ruperts!


yeah there is little excitement to getting a common pet


It’d be nice if we could put our pets in our furniture chests and have them run around in our player house. I have a lot of pets but the only way to see them is to swap out Rupert, and that would never happen. (Love you Rupert❤)


That would be awesome!!!

Yeah I feel the same. On the last World Boss Event I got 2 of 3 pets at my first kill. Might be super lucky, but sooooo many people got them, I don’t even really want them anymore bc basically everyone has them. They drop more often than the Rings, which feels weird.
To that I’ve so many Pets now in my Chest, can we get an extra Chest for the Pets, so we can see them in the House?