Future talent system question

i heard rily say something about talents in the future of the game (like in the next half year or something?) was just wondering if talents to make musketeers do more damage will be a part of that. i like musketeer but i’m always called a healer =/ i dont usually heal just damage. or am i just using it wrong to do damage strictly?

still trying to learn the class lol

I’d say you’re kinda using it wrong.

Musketeer is moreso a support class than a dps class - proven by the fact that it’s the only class which can heal other players.

I’d say you’re still good to play your dps style, but I’d probably focus on doing that in a party scenario

do what in party? heal?

I dont think thats really a legitimate response. Theres are only 4 classes. 3 of those have all the abilities they will ever have right off the bat… If devs want to keep tye game interesting with that few classes they need to have specs to make each game style more customizable… Turret tree, musket tree, orb tree… In my opinion this is the most important missing feature in the game. With no actual ability progression or talent assignment the only difference between a lvl 1 muskateer and a lvl 20 one is what numbers they have, which doesnt justify the grind.

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I’d say play musketeer however you want :slight_smile: there are different play styles and strategies, and with four orb slots and more than four orbs to choose from, doesn’t mean a healing one has to always be one of those four.

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This is the type of the thing the talents will be for, yes. So you might be able to put more points into your DPS ability as a Musketeer and even get an extra DPS-focused orb, or the same thing for healing.

I will say though that even with that, the Musketeer is intended to be either a primary healer or a control/support DPS class. It’s never going to have the raw power of a Runemage or Ranger from a damage standpoint, but if you coordinate well with your party setting up combos with the Weakness orb or the Gravity orb can really boost your whole group’s DPS. So it’s much more likely we would add an orb that (for example, not saying this is going to be it) increases your party’s attack speed than it is that we would add an orb that is just a single-target big damage attack.

As for when that will be coming out, it will be before launch for sure. I’d definitely like to have it in before the Raids since I think it will affect how we balance combat on those. We’ll see how much time I get with everything else going on.


i see well im still learning stuff lol.tbe gun atleaat for me was wasier to aim rather then a bow i cant for my life aim one of thoes things. i prefer a crossbow imo but no crossbow so mustiteer will do for now. atleast untill i learn how to aim a bow propperly

see now i can aim the bow better than the gun all them dam orbs in the way and no crosshair

i use that top little notch as a psudo iron sight sometimes. i litaraly put it up like im aiming. guess im just usexto doing that for onword lol

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