Game crash resulted in lost dungeon shard


We were just running a Broken halls level 10, about half way through the dungeon, Orbus crashed for all 5 of our players. Upon logging in, we lost the shard all together and dungeon was reset.
The shard was mine SirSchmoopy, also in the shard was loganator, Tallia, SenpaiDaddy and Witcher
Screenshot for proof.


So we tried another Broken halls ten that I had. Crashed within the first few minutes again. So I am guessing this is a bug with one of the new mutations on a old shard maybe?


It doesn’t look like the zone itself is crashing. Do you have an output log you could send when the game crashes?


I also noticed in your patch notes that reflective strikes isn’t supposed to happen until shards 11-15, yet we had it on my two 10’s.

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That’s a typo. All brutal mutations are possible on 10-15.

As for the crash, what exactly is happening? The game completely closes to the desktop? Or you get kicked into login screen? And all 5 of you has this happen at the exact same time?


The dungeon freezes for all five of us at the same time, all enemies stop moving or interacting in any way, The Shard timer continues to tick, unable to log out, go to graveyard, Etc. And logging after force closing you come back to a dungeon with no shard


Ok, thank you for the info! I think I see the problem, sorry about that. I’ll look into getting your shards back. It may not be until tomorrow though.


Alright, this issue should be fixed for future shard runs.

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