Game crashed while airship travelling

took airship to university island in bishop quest, game crashed when airship closed to destination (airship station in-sight)…

character still stucked on the air (airship crashed location) after re-login, used home teleport device to get back to normal…
(but it had a beneficiary from stuck on the air - got a nice view from airship height to sightsee Guild City surroundings…) :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the report, we are tracking a bug with the airship. Glad you got something useful out of it though and that you arent afraid of heights ha

I had this happen as well just so happened I was looking in the right direction when i crashed apparently my ship clipped the side of another airship and immediately my client crashed

Good catch with that video Ill get their paths separated more to see if that will help, thanks

Had this happen as well, not sure where the airship was exactly but client crashed and when I logged back in it looked like I was trapped under the personal house in Highsteppe. Used the teleportation device to get out of it though.

Also if you open your journal on the airship it flies off and you cant use it, would be nice to be able to do some reading on the trip!

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