Game Crashing on Cinematic load [Update for Steam Release]

So I chose to use a steam key for my game (playing on the rift headset). I was one of the players who was having the game crash during the cinematic loads during the headstart day on weds.

Previously it would just instantly shut down the game when trying to turn in the quest to the mayor after handing in the tent pegs, rope, and hammer. Now with this updated version, after turning in the quests it loads into a black screen with a large red rectangle in the middle of the screen, the game locks up and it gives me a “game is not responding” window on my desktop when i remove the headset.

Upon reloading the game and turning in the quest again it was now at least letting me mash the menu (B) button on my controller to skip the cut scene. It then game me a quest completed popup, but then crashed right after that.

After reloading again the quest still needed to be turned in even though I already got a completed pup up window. It turns out there is one more text window after completing the quest which has a single option “Goodbye” that you must also click in order to truly turn in the quests and move on to the next stage.

ANYWAYS, log story short turns out for me the way to get through this was to mash the menu button to skip the cut scene AND as soon as that scene skips, have my finger pointed and ready and click the goodbye button in the split second before the game crashes, and it managed to successfully complete the dialogue, and not have the game crash.

Sorry for such a long post, just wanted to give as much detail for the developers to understand what was happening in detail… should have just made a video lol!

thanks for the update, we actually put a toggle switch in the settings menu that will allow you to skip the cutscenes in game, as a temp fix until we can get to the bottom of the problem. Let us know if that doesnt work for you.

Ah, didnt even know that was there! Might be a good idea to have some sort of notice at the login page informing players of this? I would imagine some people playing for the first time might not even know that the game is crashing from cinematics, would hate to have a potential no player refend the game because of this, rather than looking through forum posts for a fix :wink:

Keep up the good work!


I actually read through every point in the options as suggested in the guide at the beginning and I noticed this option but when the crash happened I didnt think of it. now that I read this post i remember :slight_smile:

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