Game graphics between quest1/2 and pc

Hi. I had a question about the graphics of the game. They seem pretty bland which is not to say a problem. The game play makes up for the lack of details 10 fold. I am immensely impressed with this game and what they have done to make it an amazing for vr experience and mmorpg experience. However I do play on the quest and I was wondering if the graphics are any different on the pc version, and if there are major differences what would they be. If anyone could let me know I would be much appreciative.

Graphics are different on pc by a fair amount. More players can be loaded, there are more shadows, more details on buildings and such. Player’s mounts, capes, and belt items all can be seen. There are two different hand models even. I can get some screenshots when I get home.


Like Richleth said, us that play on pc can see a lot, we can see maps people are holding to help them figure out where to go, when you grab whatever off your belt we can see you holding it, we can see when it’s raining. we have a greater distance of view and rendering and i don’t think we lag as much either or crash either. the shadows are nice when we record video’s in Ultimate graphic mode.


Nice! I would love to see them when you get time.

It looks way better on PC.

The models and textures are of a similar quality. Prolly a little higher rez on the PC but thats not what I notice… The PC version has lighting effects and shadows that add so much that it is hard to describe it really makes a difference for the better.

There is also the matter of antialiasing and double the framerate.

There are also things that the quest won’t display… like other peoples mounts… which adds to the overall look of the game.

You can easily run it on last gen graphics cards too… A friend of mine was running it on Ultra off a 1080 before the Ampere line came out…so you can run it fine on a dated GPU…

If you like the game you owe it to yourself to upgrade! You won’t be disappointed!

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