Game has become almost unplayable

So I started up the game for the first time today since the game closed Friday and him have to say either the server is having a hard time adjusting to soo many players or it may be my computer… but this is the first time I have experienced soo much lag and choppiness in the game to the point I just decided to log out. Everything was jumping around, the spells were teleporting place to place. The monsters weren’t walking but skipping, Making spells were soo difficult I had to change to musketeer due to my spells kept being interrupted by hiccups and messing up the spell every few seconds. Quite a few times I would die and click respawn And wouldn’t actually redrawn back to the graveyard so I would have to log out and reload.

Yeah I think part of the problem is there is some major graphical lag right now when a new player loads in around you, and obviously that is happening a lot.

Out of curiosity do you have any problems in the Training Area? When it’s just you?

Besides having to be warrior and I am unable to kill the rabbit because my shield is always in the way and oddly even when I put my shield away my damage from the sword would not show up which caused me to die 3 times in tutorial which has never happened. So to sum up the only problem I had was the sword not damaging the redtail properly so I just changed to musket and finished it off. Everything else looks solid, I flew through it after the warrior bit.

But I mean, you didn’t have any lag issues in the Tutorial? Just when you went into Highsteppe?

A little bit of lag but not as much once I got into the city

Can you give this alternate build a try if you get a chance and let me know if it’s improved for you?


If you get a chance to try out the latest patch and let me know if that is fixed now for you, that would be great. Thanks!

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