Game hiccups when mobs die

My game goes through a hiccup everytime a mob dies.
I made a video to demonstrate:

When 2 die at the same time it seems to take even longer to recover.
This makes spell casting very difficult now that I’m grouping up and fighting packs at a time.

Oculus Rift - Steam install
I experience this even on all graphic settings.

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This definitely shouldn’t be occurring. What are your system specs?

gtx 1080 ti
16gig ram
Windows 10, 64bit
i5-4690k@ 3.5GHz
Oculus Rift through steam
3 camera roomscale setup

I would get these hiccups occasionally too actually. Same setup as you with Rift through Steam and 3 cameras, but I have a 1070, 8 gigs of ram, and i5 6600 @ 3.30 GHz.

I think this happens to me as well, and could be related to the drop sound bug? Some function running twice?
Same with rift via steam.
i7 4790k
GTX 980
32 GB Ram

I get this to, and i play on low settings

I7-6700K 4.00 GHz
16GB ram
1080 nvida

This also happens to me. I just commented on another thread about this before I saw this one (oops).

@Riley_D commented there and said they are tracking the issue.

i7-7700K (stock)
Nvidia 1080
Installed on SSD

Is this happening only in group settings where it’s likely that someone in the group just got a loot drop? Or is it happening even when you are solo (not in a party) and you aren’t getting any loot to drop?

It happens both solo and grouped even if there’s no loot.

I have been using the Oculus Home 2.0 beta, I tried testing without it but I still have the problem.

Okay, thanks.

It’s really interesting that it happens at that moment and not when the mob is actually deleted from the game. I am looking into it now.

And this happens on all kinds of mobs right, not just certain ones like the Cactaurs?

Yeah this happens on all mobs.

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