Game mechanic suggestion (dynamic class changing)

Who here has ever played final fantasy 13? Well i think it would be awesome if we could quickly and dynamically switch our classes without even having to go into your inventory. Perhaps mapped to some buttons or an item on our belt. One thing this would do is allow for more challenging and dynamic enemies and boss. Imagine a mob that is best suited for a warrior but changes to fly so a ranger is more suited. It would keep you on your toes and make the fight more engaging. Or you kill and enemy with a sword, turn around to see your buddy is in danger at a distance so you switch to musketeer and heal him just in the nick of time. Or you and a group are fighting a boss and having the freedom to adapt to the situation. The boss could even have gimmicks where its vulnerable to magic then shifts to vulnerable to physical damage. It sounds like there are plans for more classes and i think with more classes coming this would be a welcomed addition

The devs currently have the opposite thought of class switching. They are planning to block the switching of classes in a dungeon. So you have to choose your classes as a group beforehand. I understood that this is mainly needed because the dungeons difficulty is build with one setup in mind. Switching classes when getting to a new area of the dungeon would make the dungeon too hard to tune right for the devs. In the near future, I think easy class switching in combat is not going to happen.

But I think Riley can explain it the best as you can read from the source where I got this info: Ability to Swap Between Classes

But I can see a future mechanic where this would be implemented for only specific boss fights. But that would be way in the future and a very specific feature. Liking the thought, would be really cool :slight_smile:

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I guess i can see that but it makes me really sad tbh. O think it would make combat more engaging and unpredictable

This would be a nightmare to balance. Theres also the fact that gear is class locked. It just wont work for Orbus without a significant overhaul of combat balance and it would make people who don’t switch between classes weaker. You would gain way too much and it would be really overpowered.

In my opinion, each class just needs more options ! Talents are sorely missing.

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what would the point be in having different classes then? Youre just asking for 1 class that would just have everything

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