Game Play Problem


I was in the Order Jail and released the prisoner but before I could complete the dialog and get the next step of the quest I apparently was dropped by the server. When I logged back in I was outside of the jail and now I can’t get back into the jail to complete talking to the prisoner. My character name is Bones. Suggestions?


I was with Bones when this happened. I also noticed opening the jail door is much more difficult than opening your house door. We both had to find the sweet spot (where the yellow outline appeared around our hands) and then push the door a bit, take a step, push it some more, and repeat until we went in the jail.

After exiting, the door can be opened again with the same difficulty, but it won’t let you in the jail. Since he somehow didn’t get the next quest and he can no longer re-enter, he is now stuck without the quest.


check your journal and see if it just let u go on to the next part of the quest, you also should still have the key to open the door to the jail if it didnt let you go on.


I was eventually able to get the next quest from the prisoner.


FYI, I played with the door again when he went back to try to complete the quest. I was finally able to enter the jail, but I had to open the door almost 180 degrees before it loaded the jail. This should be much easier to do


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