Game wont stop crashing after teleport to corner path


I apologize if im off base by posting this. I’m honestly not sure what else to do. I have had ZERO problems with game crashes before. After a recent teleport to the corner path, my game crashed and crashes every time I log back in. I was sent a folder with a message that says “send this to the development team”

So, Is there anyway for me to send the folder to a dev? Once again, I apologize if im going about this the wrong way.

Im somewhat computer illiterate, but the folder was apparently sent to where the .exe file is according to the message.


Computer restart seemed to fix the issue. Still cant find the folder I was supposedly given though.


Greetings Jacob, In the future, you could send a direct message to @Riley_D for example with such issues. The dev team is quite prompt with responding to problems and bugs.

It might still be worth sending them the file, if you happen to find it, so they can check out what happened. =)

Glad you got it fixed mate, Happy Gaming!!


Quite fine to post it hear @jacob_w1 . Just add @ and a devs name for quick response.


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