Gear Durability

don’t know its on dev’s working list or not. now, the digits of all gear durability is for decoration only. no matter how high the durabilty the gear has, death in 4 times is the max.

durabilty should has been deducted in numbers instead of in percentage. deducting 15 or 20 each death to make 100 / 150 / 180 durabilties have differences in substainability. (remainder is count for one time as a benefit.)


I also don’t really get the point of higher durability numbers if it is all done percent wise. It would be much better if it was just limited to 100 and then a standard deduction amongst all. The only way I can see this being needed is to make our gear cost more to repair…

higher durability for higher level items, so that the better items you get, the more costly repairs become

I believe it’s intentional that it works this way, that higher level gear is not supposed to last longer, rather it’s supposed to be more expensive to repair. Since cost of repair is based on the raw durability numbers, this seems to be working as intended.

This is the intent of the feature right now. That said, I may tinker with the numbers a little as we start seeing how much dram high-level characters end up making on a regular basis by just playing the game (e.g. from breaking down items into shards and selling them, etc.)

While this is the current state of things, doesn’t that make a level 12 striking ring +10 crit (140 durability) more valuable (to the player) than a level 16 striking ring, also +10 crit but say 180 durability? Same effect, cheaper to repair…

Yes that’s true. That’s a quirk of the fact that rings don’t have random stats unlike most gear/weapons. Might be worth just eliminating durability on the ring slot or something like that, I’ll think about it.

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