General class concerns before reborn


I would like to remind the devs of the long lasting concerns and improvements of every existing class in the current game which has been brought up multiple times (or just this beta).

Increase the usefulness of the ranger trap or replace it completely. -_- Also there should be more use out of different type of arrows. Not just poison and piercing and the others being discouraged in almost any situation as it is now :confused:

Fix the sticking problems and other latency problems. Mainly please move all actions to the client side first so different internet users won’t have different speed problems.

Fix the not being able to block with the shield anymore in the beta (it stops working like 20% of the fights for me)… Also provoke healing is way less powerful. Please check if that fits with the balancing. Lastly the long standing cleave combo being useless because its damage is low. This should really be re purposed.

Fix the still rare occurring orbs getting teleported back out of the hand and fix the way less powerful healing in the beta (in PvE). Also the healer bullets still sometimes shoot right through the middle of huge hitboxes. (got a feeling that the client and server don’t agree on the aim location)

Furthermore I would like to recommend to not wait too long with expanding on the bard class. It is very minimalistic. I think the uniqueness will be in making your custom songs to play. Don’t let it die out of lack of features just like the airship and fishing class did -_- (fishing didn’t really die. I know some ppl like it. But for me it is death now)


Really agree with this, especially with a combination of fire arrow + spread being able to clear mobs like mage dot spread. Had a better idea for the spread arrow that would help make this a reality: Instead of shooting multiple arrows, have it shoot out 1 that if it hits an enemy, will spread to other nearby enemies. Combining this with a charged arrow would be a really good punish for grouped up enemies in pvp or pve. Then just make fire arrow actually deal damage are we are set. :slight_smile:


Fire arrow really just needs it’s cooldown halved to begin with, but this could be a good topic for new talents at levels 25 and 30 to empower these abilities and make them relevant. They would still only be useful for trash pulls though, but that would still be great to have Rangers more prominent with AoEs. For example you could do:

1: Fire arrow applies a vulnerability up debuff to all enemies for the duration
2: Spread arrow applies STR/INT down debuff for 3 seconds

Spread arrow would probably need a longer cooldown though, especially if you were to give them what you had suggested as well. I think it would be a positive change to empower these abilities regardless, and talents is where we could be creative on how.

Maybe it would be better to have spread arrow give the vulnerability up. Because then your ranger could give the debuff before your mage spreads affliction. It would be like a 2 or 3 second vuln up, but as long as the game would snapshot for the DoT duration then it would be a good skill based combination for groups.

Then fire would be constant STR/INT down, which would be good damage mitigation for your tank during the pulls. Something like that plus a shorter cooldown for Reborn would make it worthwhile.

Either way I’d like to see jobs have more abilities to compliment this sort of teamwork.


Maybe cleave could get a talent tree to make it useful. Either a huge buff to it’s DPS output or make it so cleave applies the same enmity generation as provoke to anything it hits. I would also like to see cleave be used more.

The physical motion of doing cleave is my favorite among the Warrior combos, and a benefit from weaving more of our abilities together would be a welcome change to the job.


Two further points regarding this, since it’s my main:

… my greatest concern with this class - once healing is fixed - is actually the grabbing orbs functionality; I don’t know what happened in reborn, but it is incredible hard to grab the orbs, they literally slip through the hands which seem smaller also, perhaps that’s why.

And another often requested change is the turret default set to heal, not damage. It slowly drives me crazy to see groups surprised by a dmg-turret in raids and dungeons after healer crashes. And for newbies it would be a great help as well if heal was default. I use my turret on damage for farming, but started late doing that, after level 20, and in groups it is always set to heal, so after like 90% of my logins the first thing is to shake that darn thing to switch it to heal…


For Rangers i’ve said this before.

Scatter arrow should relate to the orientation to your bow and the spread should be slightly smaller. This way you can turn your bow 90* and hit a boss with all 5 arrows.

Darkness arrow should similar damage to piercing and/or do some sort of silence so classes can’t cast while in the aoe.

Fire rain arrow is just garbage and shouldn’t even be a arrow. There is almost no situation where you are going to switch arrows and wait 20/30 seconds for it to come up to kill a group of mobs that a mage can do. Your job is to single out the threats.

I also think it would be unique if the trap was a short-range teleportation device.
You would drop it directly below you and then you could re-activate it within x time and within x distance to teleport back to it. Although idk how disorientating that would be.


Blockquote Fire rain arrow is just garbage and shouldn’t even be a arrow. There is almost no situation where you are going to switch arrows and wait 20/30 seconds for it to come up to kill a group of mobs that a mage can do. Your job is to single out the threats.

I agree with this, but would like to see it stick around with some changes.
1 - make the aoe smaller, 2 add a slow effect in the area, 3 increase the damage quite a bit
AND what would be really cool is if the skill had a display for the aoe as you drew the arrow back, and it had to be shot up with a large arc, so as you aim up and draw you can see the arc line drawn out going up and coming down to show the circle that you will rain on.

Or even have it instantly drop a group of arrows that “nail” the targets into the ground rooting them briefly


I think status effects are the way to go, but I don’t think slow or root would make it worthwhile. Slow in an AoE circle feels as though it would be limited on usefulness, and root gets undone by damage inflicted.

If you made it so fire arrow’s root wasn’t undone by damage, it would make things way too easy unless you shortened the duration or had a long cooldown. Which would render it useless again.

I definitely dig shooting up and having it rain down, that would be a fun way to perform it.


the things i want to see on the archer:

  1. Increase number of arrow slots to 3 or 4 (2 gives us the dmg but not utility)
  2. spread arrow should be oriented to the bow
  3. fire arrow should have cooldown drastically reduced
  4. trap should do something
  5. chain arrow maybe? (either an immobilize or a pull)
  6. piercing arrow should… pierce through targets (hit all targets in a line)
  7. increase velocity of arrows so they fly straighter (medieval longbow range was somewhere around 180 yds. seems silly that the max range on a bow is 60, though i know this is a game that needs balance… but at the very least, arrows fly a lot straighter in real life than they do in the game)
  8. i’d like to see the precision archer timer changed to have max damage in the middle of the bar instead of the end (that way slight misses on timing have decreased damage, but not less damage than you would have done without the precision talent unless you were wayy off.) Right now if you miss by a 20th of a second, you do no damage at all. instead you should be getting damn near max damage because you were so close on timing.


That’s not true, i’ve hit targets from more than double that range. But at about 70 your target will be out of render distance so it doesn’t matter anyways.


It’s pritty much if you can see it you can hit it, but will mostly result in a reset as its out of the leash distance.


also for the range of the bow even if u can hit a mob, if ur too far away it still wont agro, and i have hit raid boss 2 from a spot pretty close to the entrance of raid boss 1’s room


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