General Warrior Class Impression thread

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The warrior class is by far my favorite class and I wanted to know your general impressions of the class.

Personally I’ve played mainly warrior since alpha and have experienced the good, bad, and ugly. That being said I’m pretty ignorant of the current average player experience.

So what do you think? Are the mechanics easy to understand or do you get easily confused with what does what? Is there anything you think should be improved or changed?


I only tried warrior for a very short time. I didn’t really like it. Too much wiggling around with the Vive Wand and I didn’t know anything bout combos. It felt limited to me as there were no skills i could use. As a ranger I could use different kind of arrows and as musketeer I could use different ammo types… a Runemage got a lot of spells to use… but warrior felt pretty simple and I didn’t want to invest any more time into the class

That’s understandable. It look a long time for combos to be explained ingame as opposed to solely on the wiki. The combos are essentially the warrior skills so without them you are just swinging to win lol. Warrior is the least played class and I’m curious if that’s one of the main reasons why it’s avoided.

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I went with Warrior at the start of Beta 3, until I figured out the Runemage quest. Personally I doubt I’ll play it again. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I have an issue with my dominant arm and all that swinging around gets painful for me. If it wasn’t for that I would consider it, after leveling Runemage of course. :slight_smile:

In order that the Warrior more interesting he had to be more hardy, there has to be good resistance of magic, it is more than control. Now I establish a game and I will join the test :slight_smile:

The cool thing about warrior is it has 2 shields. One is weaker but your sword deals more damage and the second is super strong and great for tanking but your sword deals very little damage. In terms of magic defense, the warrior can survive aoe attacks waaay better than any other class. Most aoe are considered magic damage and at max level you can get gear with +magic defense to make yourself even tougher

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Just wanted to throw in here for the newer players looking at this post, the Warrior combos are in your journal when you create a character and finish the tutorial

True. The class is more physically demanding than a lot of players realize. The amount of threat you generate is based on your damage output so the occasional provoke combo at half-strength isn’t going to cut it level 12+ when you reach mobs of 6+ enemies. Our dps is based on our real life attack speed so tanking that high level content is really hard on your body if you’re not in good shape / have a physical limitation


That actually sounds really interesting. I might give it a try afterall

It gets crazy. The rainforest and desert dungeons are flooded with mobs and the bosses require a good tank. End-game mobs have unique enemies that require the tank to physically block for allies (put your shield in front of an ally to block attacks for them)

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I think my biggest issue with the combos is the directions of the combos. It just doesn’t feel natural to me to swing the sword in an upward motion, just feels odd, but than again I’m not much of a sword play person. I prefer spell casting and shooting.

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I believe the reason they use upswings is because the swing recognition wasn’t reliable with downward swings. Riley would have to comment himself but that was my understanding. The combos themselves flow really well and most enemies being low to the ground have the upswings be pretty reliable/accurate instead of having to hack down on them

I got the problem that’s upwards Swings are often detected as horizontal swings. I have to play very carefully/slow with warrior to really get the combos done. I also think it would be better if the journal would actually talk about the effects the skills have on the enemies. Seriously… why doesn’t it mention what effects the attacks have? Also: are there different shields? I mean, can I find new ones? Because I am really expecting to be able to get better shields or shields which have a higher Magical Defense or spikes on the front so my ATK is raised.

So I think the reason your upswings count as horizontal is because you’re too close to the enemy. Currently there’s a bug that causes enemies to get too close and it messes with detection. There are only the 2 shields. Small (dps) and large (tanking). There will be cosmetic options for shields but the actual stat changes are via swords, armor, rings, affixes, rune tile sets, and potions

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Okay, I think that might have been the reason. Say, is the angle of the sword also important? And I seriously wish shields could be found from enemies… I mean… all other classes have a ton of different things to use during combat. I don’t need thousand of items to use in combat, but changeable shields would be very very nice

The angle is actually really flexible. Upswings can be diagonal so cleave can be right, X, left. The 2 ups can form an X

The shield for us can block, stun, and an extra health bar. Our horn is a party shield and aoe taunt. Our abilities are muscle memory so we can watch our surroundings while we use all of our utility and combos. It’s our job to sword rush to the ranger 50ft away who stumbled into an extra enemy that the healer didn’t notice. Pop over, aoe taunt, ranger moves, you take on the aggro while your other targets line up nicely in front of your shield so the dps can stand to the side and it’s easy pickings

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How does sword rush work? I can’t remember that it was mentioned anywhere

Hold the trigger, aim at a target till it highlights yellow and let go. You’ll teleport to the target. Awesome to engage a mob ahead of your party. Pair it with a stun and quick provoke. I mostly use it as a fail safe to get to allies fast. Blow the horn to gain aggro and shield everyone at once. Total clutch moments. Also great in pvp for closing the gap.

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Did I miss this in the journal? I really can’t remember.

Not sure if it’s on the journal page but it’s in the tutorial on the big sign board