Generating Ultimate Charge

I was thinking about how classes generate charge for their Ultimate ability. I think we know:

  • Ranger: Generates ult charge by doing damage.
  • Runemage: Generates ult charge by successfully casting spells (with bonuses for spell difficulty and chaining casts.)

We don’t know, but might reasonably guess, that for the other two:

  • Musketeer: Generates ult charge by doing damage and healing allies.
  • Warrior: Generates ult charge by doing damage and blocking damage.

(Would be happy to have clarification/correction on those from the devs, of course.)

Of these four, only the Runemage has the ability to generate ult charge while out of battle. Players probably wouldn’t complain about this for PvE, but it does seem like a real advantage for Runemages in Open World PvP. Runemage bandits will always be able to enter fights with their Ultimates ready… and those Sunfires hit hard.

Should the Runemage’s ability to generate ult charge be limited to spells cast while in combat? Or is there some other constraint that should be applied? :man_with_turban:


I don’t really think it matters whether it is out of battle or not. You could easily kill some mobs and have the ULT ability. Muskeeter, I’m sure will be able to do it outside of battle by healing themselves.

I think an in battle requirement is a good idea. The Ranger doesn’t build its ultimate just by shooting into the air. Even if it is easy to kill some mobs it is something they have to go find and do. Last test we had people before bosses just casting over and over again on the ground.

I think having it slowly deplete after X number of seconds would be a good idea.