The rules are simple

1 No potions/ items that assist in fishing. (including Armor or luck rings thanks metris)

2 Catch as many of the specified fish as possible.

3 No cheating by bringing fish before the event starts, The only fish that can be counted are the fish that are caught during the fishing contest.

Now for prizes: we have 5 giant potions, 6 trickster chests,6 glimmering shards 10 crown foil (all to be split between the winners), currently.(10 fishing ingredients of every type, thanks burnator)

as before we will have an hour for the contest to catch as many of the selected fish, you can use any lures you want but use of fish sent attractor is a disqualification and you will not have the chance to win prizes.

the event is on Saturday the 22nd of dec at 7pm CST (sunday 23 dec 1 AM BST (UK time)) next to the fishing hut by the trees


Il add 10 fishing ingredients of every type to that reward. It’s a fishing reward after all. :wink:


Ok… but why? Without potion it’s like 2 or 3 per lure instead of 12+. The event is for fun not prizes, but if I invest 1h of throwing out my lures I’d like to at least get some fish in return and not cast my lure in vain all the time… Bringing 3 potions for 1h couldn’t be an issue, they are cheap on market if one hasn’t any.


But I just added a prize worth 30 000 dram!
Bloody flesh, eyeworms, and shiny metal are worth gold for any fisher!


the idea is that its an even playing field if you lv 1 or lv 20, also its in highsteppe it means people can use the most basic lures and still have a chance at winning


ok Ill add them to the prize pool


…well we still have luck-rings and fishing gear if it’s just a number race…


Yah won’t be because luck rings and fishing gear, actually with fishing potions lower levels not having those would’ve a higher chance to get anywhere :wink: But gl it gonna be fun this or that way.


no I would consider that cheating.


Should probably poke this, if it’s still active.

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