Getting killed from behind

Can you add a small noise or vibration or anything that can let me know of any enemy attacking me from behind. Yesterday I fought a really strong boat compared to my level and i was all prions and then randomly died. I turn around and saw that a boar was munching on my backside.

All of the enemies are supposed to have a slash visual effect and a sound to indicate when they attack, I will double-check to make sure that one is working. But yeah it also might not be a bad idea to flash the “Low Health” indicator briefly if you are getting attacked from behind

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Yes, their attacks make sounds, but not their footsteps. They dont have grunting or snoring sounds… thats whats completely missing. This would help so much.

The boars outside that jungle town by the airship don’t make a noise (at least sometimes) when attacking from the back. Maybe there is certain glory spots that mute the sound? I did notice on my way to that area that there were places that if you stand in them the grass would pop in and out. Like a small square of land that if i moved on that spot the grass would completely disappear, and i think those spots are in a lot of places (gotta walk around everywhere and pay attention to the grass disappearing when you move in and out of those spots (this isn’t a zone edge)). This same thin may be why i didn’t hear the boat that time i died? glitchy pieces of land

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