Getting Socket Error :(

During the first 30 minutes of game play I got the Socket Error not back to back but within 10 minutes of each other I did not notice anything special i was doing at the point in time. The first was when I Started the fight with the redtail in the starting area. Second I had just ventured down from the Starter area and it Socket error me again. Then the 3rd I had just turned in a quest for killing the 10 Redtails. It ended up being a good stopping point for me :sweat_smile: But I was streaming to FB Live for the Oculus page.

Should probably Note that I was using the Stock Settings and my Graphics Card is a 1080

If you get a chance can you send me your output log? Are you on Steam or Oculus?

I’m on the oculus platform.
When I get home today after work I will post it here. I’ve not logged in since the last socket error.

Okay on Oculus the output log is under

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\orbus-online-llc-orbusvr\vrclient_Data\output_log.txt

It wont let me put the file in here to give you. Somewhere you would like it sent to? says wrong format must be a Pic. if i try to upload it here

Shoot it over to

Thanks Damage
Ill do it right now

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