GFX Driver Update Status?


Hey, last time I brought up a driver update issue was in April.

Is it safe from a performance standpoint to update our graphics drivers yet? I’m still running on the old ones for concern that the current Nvidia drivers will cause lag issues with OrbusVR.


Bump! @Mathieu_D @Riley_D :grin:


I updated to the latest NVidia driver yesterday (398.11 I believe) and had no issues on my end while in game for about an hour.


Sweet, we’ll give it a shot! Thanks!


Did you run into issues with it yet? I’ve been holding off from updating for the same reason


Apart from my Geforce Experience got totally borked…cant get started at all, it woks totally fine with Orbus.


I held off yesterday as we were raiding. I’ll prob update later this week.


So I updated my gfx divers and so far so good. Just wanted to let everyone know.


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