Ghoul Riddle Quest cannot be completed past first part

This quest originates after the player speaks with Tinny the Witch while on their way to the Sword of Maut. Tinny sends you to talk with a ghoul. The ghoul gives you a riddle.

After solving the riddle the ghoul tells you to meet him at his home across the ruins. Unfortunately when you arrive, not only is he not spawned at the location, the quest also disappears from your book. Essentially this quest becomes invalid. But the ghoul still has a regular ! (no border on the !) above his head. Waving at him does nothing.

That is the only part of that quest for now, sorry if its confusing I will look at the quest dialogue and see about makign that more obvious. Also the ! above his head will be fixed in the upcoming patch

Is there any possibility of getting a symbol that basically means “Not available now but watch this space for future content additions” so that can be applied in these situations? I know I’d be excited to see the future hooks.

Ummm. Now what. I completed the riddle, turn the item back into him at the oasis, he said he couldn’t help me. I still have the quest, and it’s marked as completed. Now he won’t talk to me. Is this what supposed to happen?

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