Giving each shard 1 "mulligan"

Hello everyone, since there is no end in sight for a majority of the bugs and glitches plaguing the game I had an idea. Since most of these wont bother you too bad unless you are in a shard. How about we make each shard have 1 mulligan or do over throughout the “life of it”.

If you are knocking out shard after shard then you get into the one and tank is desynched you wipe on boss. Comes back now dps or heals desynch etc. Some shards go well and others as you guys know can get ruined for reasons beyond our control ( desynchs, server issues, glitches etc etc). I dont think having 1 simple do over per shard would be enough to break the game or be exploited too bad but it’s enough to make up for the insane headache the issues can sometimes bring.

Any thoughts? There has to be something done because it makes people want to stop playing when they are doing everything right but those issues keep preventing them from doing things in the allotted time.

How would a mulligan work?

Let’s say everyone suddenly has issues during boss and takes 5 or 6 minutes to get back and everyone working. At that point you could decide ok well we probably wont make it since we had whatever issue, you could click reset shard or something along those lines and it just simply resets the lvl and time etc like you never started. There would have to be some sort of "tracker " built into the shard so it could only be used once.

Also 1 do over per shard I mean 1 total not each shard you do, just a last resort measure like oh crap that wasnt our fault and we are up to 8 or 9 and busting through great. Not a every other time because we just cant do it.

If this was done, there would have to be some solution to the problem of, what happens when someone who used it goes into a new group? can they reset it also?

Yea there would be some details to work out, perhaps whoever’s shard it is they get 1 and 1 only its tied to them? Obviously there would have to be strict limits to avoid abuse but it could help alleviate some of these issues. I could be in alot higher shards but it never fails as I get higher up the issues start and during lower shards it’s usually not an issue since they are easy enough.

I feel like this idea would have to be so restricted to avoid abuse that it renders itself pretty redundant. For the sake of the time and effort it would take to implement and try to balance something like this, it could be put to work on fixing bugs, etc. Also, if there was a time where all the bugs and desyncs were fixed, it would be taken out anyway. Unfortunately for now, bugs and such are just a part of the game we have to deal with, but mostly they aren’t bad enough to really make shards unplayable


Yes but why would someone want to “abuse” the 1 actual reset they would be allowed. Sure there may be a team that’s like you know what F it let’s just reset. Then the next higher shard they run into these issues and dont have it. I wouldnt want to risk it. I agree it would take time and resources to implement ( which there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of as it is). It was more a pipe dream I suppose. Alot of these bugs have been in the game for years so forgive me if I dont feel very confident they will be gone ever ( at least not in the foreseeable future).

Speed runs. They get there perfect shard affixes with perfect weekly and half way through the shard someone is called away for 5 minutes. Oops lets reset it

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That’s my point, to avoid abusing the mechanic you’ve suggested one mulligan per physical shard, from what I understood. At that point, why?if you can only do it once, why not just accept the broken shard every now and then? Yes, the game is buggy and very well might be for a while, but I’ve personally been playing for 1 1/2 years and in this time managed to do content just fine. Have shards broken due to bugs and such? Sure. It just doesn’t matter, if it was truly just bugs that broke it, you can level it back up.


Well yes, but this really wouldnt be for the teams that have everything doing it for fun. This would be more for the guilds / players who need every minute to progress and are still upgrading gear. If one person desynchs in my group doing a lvl 8 or 9 it can easily be the reason why I dont win, let alone if it happens to 2 or 3 characters ( which happens very often). I guess I just wish the game was not still In “beta” as far as performance is concerned and with 2 new MMOs coming out I doubt any real major fixes come anytime soon.

You do realise we’ve been playing the same game, right? Your argument makes no sense. Everybody experiences desyncs and bugs. We got to the point of running content for the laughs by working our way up. Some of us did this before there was even the DPS Rebalance. If you’re struggling to make your way to higher level content, it’s because you need to practice, same as everybody else. This isn’t a post attacking you, just to clarify, text can difficult to convey. Honestly, keep working at it and you’ll get there. Bugs are unfortunately part of the game, same as some other games, but if you wanna make it to the end in Orbus, you gotta be better than the bugs sometimes. If you can’t deal with the bugs anymore and there’s no fix in sight, nobody would blame you, it can be incredibly infuriating and many have given up. I often take breaks from frustration. Good luck with the content, I’m sure you’ll do great


It does seem like a good idea. I have seen times when people loose really nice level 15 shards to desyncs or crashes. But I feel it may be able to be abused. I think the devs have the ability to restore broken shards on account of hardcore glitches. :confused:

I get frustrated from time to time when a shard breaks to bugs, the thing is me and other people I play with have gotten good enough at the game that it is really not a big deal when this happens because we can just level it back up real quick. I think the major issue is when a shard completely disappears due to a bug. For example you just got a shard to a 15 then at the end of the dungeon the person who owns the shard did not get a chest, now the shard is gone forever. Now you have to get on forums and complain about it and wait days until you maybe get it back if you are lucky. I think this is a bigger issue then anything else.

how about a pause run button instead?

What bugs do you all speak of?? I only see features. Lol