Giving Thanks :)

Here in the States it’s Thanksgiving, and I wanted to give a shout out to the dev team of OrbusVR. You fellas have created and maintained the first commercially successful VRMMORPG in the entire world. You took a brand new medium and gave it something so awesome that it was the main storyline of multiple books, TV shows, and movies.

Even recently, the push to fix some of the most common and troublesome bugs has been outstanding. Yes there are still bugs around, but it’s very clear that you’re making progress on fixing things, even while still being able to release new content!

I’ve met so many wonderful people through this community, and it in turn has helped me grow as a person. Some of my closest friends are other players I met in game. Heck, I’ve even met some of you in real life because you’re so awesome!

So from somebody who’s sunk nearly 4300 hours into the game, thank you.

PS: Thank you, Rupert.