Glass calderon texture/ window in the caldron

Can we get a window in the caldron so it can be used when sitting down. or a glass caldron option (and maybe the event ones) so we can see the waters heat level.


5 hearts but no reply, i just want to make sure this gets seen

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would be nice, but until we get something like this you can stick your head into the cauldron to see the color while sitting down.

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This isn’t something we’re able to do as easily as swapping the model so it wouldn’t be an easy/quick fix, but we’ll keep the suggestion in mind for the future if we have a chance.

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Or better yet a proper seated mode so the game isnt from the view point of a toddler? It’s really a matter of accessibility, some can’t play standing and there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for the option to be ommitted. Yes you “can” currently play seated but everythings designed to be viewed from a standing position, and it’s kinda lame at times if you can’t.


This is a good idea. Vrchat did a pretty good implementation of it and it would fix a lot of common problems players have had (cauldron, grabbing wrong orbs or items on the body, too short to see properly in dungeons, etc.)

Many of the older players learned to adapt to the ‘short’comings of seated play, but I think it would be a nice QoL thing. Unsure of how difficult it would be to implement.

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