Glitch in the tundra

Some of the frost tigers show a very clear 4 point red star over them. Once pulled, they are 5star mobs. I think its a glitch thats showing the wrong star before they are pulled.

Are you sure the 5 point star isn’t after you died. Because mobs normally turn to stars after you die.

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Not sure. Id be willing to test it again but I dont have to kill them anymore lol.

What level are you? Screenshots or a video would be very helpful since I’d need to be the same level to verify this. Also, as Rejinx said, if you’re dead then the enemy showing as a star is intended.

I’ll just check it again and come back with more info. It could very well be it only changed once I died. Don’t want you spending a lot of time chasing a glitch that doesn’t exist. :smiley:

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