Glitched out Login screen. Can't load game after last update


I have an issue getting past the character select screen on my Oculus Quest since I updated to: 10.87

Hard to explain what I see so I took a screen shot.

Not sure what other info you might need or where to get any logs off the quest but happy to provide if you tell me where to grab them.

I have not tried uninstalling and Reinstalling yet because I though you might want logs and didn’t want to delete those. Happy to do it if that is the suggestion.


I’ve had this happen a few times but never at character select. I call it heaven.
While in game going to graveyard sometimes fixes it. Once I had to turn my Quest completely off then back on as force closing Orbus didn’t work. And once I had to reinstall. Not ideal but hope it helps. Goodluck.


Usually a complete reinstall will fix this. Go ahead and try that and let us know if that doesn’t work for you though. Thanks!


it looks like the material reference to the font texture is missing.


This happens when the game has not been correctly fully installed/updated on Quest (the OBB expansion file isn’t right for the technical explanation). As Jake said, if you uninstall and reinstall the game it will fix it. No idea why the Quest software sometimes doesn’t install the game right.

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Happens with other games as well. It’s if your power gets to low, you play other games while it downloads that are to demanding, or if your network gets a problem. Happens a lot if you download with mobile hotspot…


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