Glowing potion disapear

the potion effect disappears after you die. Is that intention or a bug?

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Hi, thanks for checking - I don’t believe this is a bug, some potions do wear off on death.

You might want to discuss this more or get feedback from other players on this. Not having body lantern potion persist through death likely means this potion won’t be viable for most dungeon runs. Unless you want the tinkerer lamp to be the only meta-viable light?

Also pretty sure it did persist through death in the old game, could be wrong though.

it did not, would be nice if it’s changed tho especially since the light from the guiding light lamp is far too weak to be usable for lighting up dungeons. might wanna look at that too.

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Since this thread has now become about in-game illumination tools and spells in general, we should probably mention that most people really want the runemage’s light spell to be ‘sticky’ again. That one was definitely the case in o.g.

The behavior it has in reborn isn’t has easy to use for lighting up an area.


I feel the lamp should be a beacon in the dark. And I hope they quickly revist the lighting it provides. It was one of the few things I was looking to craft with the new system, but not at the current illumination levels. Hoping that it’s an easy fix. From looking at it, it just seems to have a large part of the illumination clip into the ground. This seems to have a negative over all effect on the level of light it should display.