"Go to Party" button

A great feature in another MMO I played was a “go to party” button that transported you to the location of the party leader. This is super handy when making dungeon or raid parties when you just need one more player but they’re halfway across the world.

Only problem with that is it could be abused for goblin tokens

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What if it were for PVE only?

Wouldn’t be a problem if it followed the same rules as regular PvP teleporting, requiring a pillar or for the player to be in a safezone.


I don’t know it’s not that much of a problem if that person knows where teleport pillars are and if not you can go and help them. and if you don’t want to do that then they should have just said they where busy. I think it would be too much hassle for what it’s worth for the devs especially.

New players don’t know where all the pillars are so they could really benefit from a way to transport to the party leader if the leader was a more experienced player

Yes, it would be helpful for connecting with newer players who don’t have all the pillars activated yet, or trying to get a team to the abandoned mines etc.

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