Goblin spawn SORT IT OUT


Ok rant time.

I do enjoy pvp. I enjoy searching for the goblin. But can we have a developer actually MAP THE SPAWN AREA so it stops spawning

  • inside walls
  • inside rocks
  • on water
  • inside buildings
  • in oblivion
  • outside of the loading area of the zone

Any place with a grid is not good enough.

Its pure HATE AND HELL when you spend 30min looking for the goblin only to find it in a glitched wall, or more likely not at all.

Sort the game out. Put in a fixed spawn point if you can’t keep it on the actual map with a random spawn. I had to explain to two first time goblinhunters that sometimes you just can’t find the goblin, after combing the map for 40 min, with just them and me in the zone.

I would have suggested giving it a beam after 20 min to tell you where it is, but won’t matter much if it spawns in oblivion or outside the loading point.

It’s not even a new problem, this has bin going on sence day one with the goblin.


/End rant rage


^ yes, thank you for bringing this up. Catching the goblin can be really fun and brings some spontaneity into the game. A beam to notify where the location of the goblin was if no one found it would be great. I got the popup notification that the goblin had ‘got away’ once when I spent I think over an hour on the same map because I got bored trying to find the goblin, so I know that this notification pops up eventually… but it is a rather long time. No one wants to be searching for the goblin for an hour knowing it may have spawned off map.


I had a pop up a few days ago of the goblin escaping in Highsteppe while the zone was populated with 25 players xD so clearly that goblin was unfindable.


this is why I don’t play much anymore, also the pally, you shouldn’t be able to leash players in pvp


Yeah I complained about a bunch of this stuff over and over reporting my experiences and the thread acquired over 400 posts with not a 0 response on it. But keep trying. Maybe one day you will get a response for pvp.

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I just want the goblin to spawn on the map we actually play on, is that to much to ask for?

I got warnings for standing in walls, goblin should be banned by now for his wallhacks


You don’t counter wallhack? Welp. Guess I shouldn’t mention that (scoundrel) aimbot then. :wink:

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:joy: genuinely l o l’d at this.


Still Frustrated!


1 out of 3 of the last goblins I did had a normal spawn point, found one three wall jumps into a mountain , and I have a odd suspicion that the one in hulthines never spawned, or despawned itself. Stayed for over 1h, no escape messages, 2 people looking.


while I don’t go to the goblin much anymore, I do pay a bit of attention to our goblin discord and lately it seems to be spawning way more in areas were they can’t find it.
it used to be relatively easy to find almost every time and rarely spawn somewhere we couldn’t find it/get to it.
now tho, like burn said it’s around 1/3 of all goblins that are never found despite sometimes having largeish teams looking for it and even some setting their floor height to something really low so they can look around from under the ground.

there are two things that I can think of that could be the cause.

  1. the harvest festival might have somehow changed the spawn patterns in some way.
  2. less people are going for the goblin and I think there are quite a few goblins no-one goes to, which there wasn’t when it was first introduced, maybe the goblin being left there and despawn somehow messes with the next goblin spawn.