Got my Shard roll before I should have

A common tactic in shards is to save a group for the very end so you can swap to the class you want to get gear on. In Broken Halls, this group is often left for the very end. Despite leaving it and NOT killing them, I was given a chest and the option to use my roll on the class I did not want.

Also, in the same dungeon, as a Paladin my pips were not updating properly. I had no idea if I was at 0 pips or 5 pips the entire dungeon, and had no casting bars for any of the mobs. Tanking as a Paladin without knowing how many pips I have is not an affix as far as I know.

Real talk: With how many bugs I get every single day, is there a chance my client is bugged? I uninstalled and reinstalled Orbus, but I’m still bugging out with nearly every action I take.

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I don’t think your client could be, but we will try reproducing these bugs on our side using a character with your data and see if they appear more than using an empty character and see what we can find out soon.


If you kill too many enemies before putting a shard in, it will mess up the percentage