Got stuck as my dragon after a race and found a dev secret outside the city


Interesting! I wish I could trigger that from my house as there are things in the distance there also outside the walls.
If anyone knows how to get to it, you can definitely pm me and I’m up to the challenge.

Hmm, I only ever seen the outside by teleing through the front door. Never flew out there

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The things in the distance outside the player House walls is just the other rooms in the player House


Oh, I see. that makes sense. Thanks.

I know this is unlikely but the brown looks like a texture for the Journal pages and the image looks like it could be the part we now see in the glitch or “book mark” which covers some of the text in the journal. The bug seemed to appear the same time as the tinker craft was released. Maybe just a coincidence.

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That’s what I was thinking but couldn’t explain it as well as you. (so I chose to shut up lol)
upon closer looks it kind of looks like two heads back to back. one of them has glasses and the other has a vr headset on?

I wonder what it is and what the reason for why it’s there? @Mathieu_D

No idea why this is rendered all the way out there, Its a painting you can get in game and put in your house. As others are saying it may be related to the journal “bookmark” bug where we have this texture on the top of pages. Its a very common practice to put things like a page really large out of bounds for later use. Though that does not explain the painting.

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Edit, this is why the bookmark glitch happens it seems. I did some screenshots of it from far away when I have the glitch and when I don’t. It is really hard to see this far away but you can see it.
The only edits to the photos I have done is to make the page really far out there more noticeable! by putting a box around it.

Someone needs to get a better photo closer up but there is a change when having the bookmark glitch.


I only evet had a book glitch in highstep as far as I recall.

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The former photos where taken in highsteppe. Although it is very easy to see in the furniture shop. If you go out of bounds in the furniture shop while you have the glitch and look below the map you can see another one of these instances.

It is much easier to see in game and I reccomend checking it out if you are curious.

My assumption is that anything that is down there gets rendered over the book. That is why when a bjorn picture appears a “bookmark” would appear.


And what about the dungeon orbs? I get those

A buddy of mine with playspace mover just sent me these and said they were in the furniture shop:

I can have them go check the dungeons I guess.

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they should really put a barrier around the zones, but perhaps exploring can be fun too.

We appreciate the reports, and we’re working on a fix for the journal issue. I don’t know the technical details/reasons on why that is there so I can’t elaborate on the “cool find.” :wink:

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Last time someone used a playspace mover they got a warning from Riley. . . Dangerous toy