Grab scrolls from side, not middle

Can cause issues for new players trying to learn Resurrect, reading lore, etc.

Also, apparently Resurrect and Arcane Explosion aren’t going into the player journal.


also messes with reading quest scrolls, han ends up in the middle of the story text. hands should just turn invisible once you grab it.


Resurrection will go in to the journal after a lore quest from I think marlowe.

A hole should just be punched into the scroll where the fist is

most of the open scrolls actually hide your hand while you grab them, making it not an issue to read them. So if we get all of the scrolls that don’t hide your hand when you grab them the devs can fix them.

I correct myself, only the pages in the DLC and one page in the overworld hide your hand when you grab them.
here are the ones that don’t hide your hand:
temple by hidden garden

a little south of vulcans point

knights fort

and of course the resurrection ritual page that mishka showed in the initial post.


Artistically speaking, it’d be better to show the hand grabbing the scroll. But making the hand invis would be easy.

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