Grass on air ? :(((


hello !

will you be able to correct the grass that flies over the sides of the mountains ? in order the grass is “stuck” on the ground and not in suspension

It would also be good if we could climb more & more higher on the mountainside to have an overview of an area or a valley, thank you!

it’s frustrating to be blocked on the valley and not be able to visit higher mountain sides :frowning:


do you think to correct this thing please ?


We are working on fixing the grass, as for climbing right now that’s not something we’re actively working on but we’ve talked about making it a future feature.


thank you for your reply

hope it will be fixed soon, and i just can’t wait to see the game with a large point of view, like in “Skyrim” at the top of a mountain^^

do you plan to translate in other languages too ? French for example (i’m french)



We do hope to add translations into the game at some point in the future.

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