Grinder issue with tanks in groups

So I have done a lot of forsaken isle tours. I used to enjoy tanking them but with a large group, my grinder pot would be lucky to go off once for the entire island. I’d hear everyone else’s going off multiple times. When I went as any other class, especially healer I could easily get it to go off up to 4-5 times in a run. Now few people want to do runs, because no one wants to tank. After all you’re going to be doing the most repairs to your armor and get the least when it comes to rewards.
Is there a way to change the rate grinder pots fill for tank to make it more even for when they go with a group?

If everyone’s in a party, the grinder credit should be split equally. As in that’s how it’s supposed to work currently at least.

But it doesn’t. Which is why I refuse to tank for the group as a result. Same as when I’m in a party as a healer and the other 2 are DPS. Even if we are all at the exact same level with the grinder pot, starting it without any prior kills in. I can level mine fast by spam blasting heals on them while they kill the enemy. I’ve tested this out multiple times. Both in Forsaken as part of a large group, and in wastelands as part of a smaller group. And if I go tank, everyone’s will fill at a much faster rate than mine.

And you are in a party with everyone else, right?

Are you hitting every mob atleast before they die? You only get credits from the mobs that you hit.

I can imagine as the tank that a group of mages murders 3 monsters from the distance before your even on the group.


I always try to ground slam at least once per group to make sure I hit as many as possible.


I’ll do a more thorough test. But I’ve had a few others mention the same issues.