Grinding device its broken


i broke my grinding device and i dont have a secon chance , to have one xD


By broke do you mean you destroyed it? We’ll add a way to get it back.

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If you speak with the vendor again you should be able to get another one.


Is only one device allowed to be up at a time? We were in a group of 3 and whenever someone threw theirs, it would delete and move the old one. Perhaps its proximity based?

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It’s a display bug we’re working on a patch now. It actually still works though you just can’t see it.

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Can there be any animation when it is working, at all…? We reached level 4 fairly easy - with a group though, which is 20x quicker than I could alone - but gave up on level 5 since nothing changed for an hour. I strongly suppose there’s other mobs needed for that level than wasteland ones. But it would be nice to see if we are on the right track or not.
Also the distance it needs to be in is totally not clear, or is it sucking up everything a group kills/where you got aggro on no matter where it stands?

Also, if the suspicion we got is true,


Kill non-enraged world bosses for level 5??

… then this is rather a group thing (apart from very few, strong players) which wouldn’t be nice because I hoped that gives solo players something to do in downtimes.


It is not that, no. It should work on any Level 30+ mob (there are some higher-level ones added around the outskirts.

We will look into adding a “yeah that worked” indicator to help make that more clear, yeah.


Would be nice is the tube filled or glowed brighter or something


Ok… well then we really really need many, since we concentrated on the red mobs already. But ty for clarifying!

Other than that it’s a very cool idea, we had lots of fun.

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Takes a couple throws before it starts to work. Falls through floor a lot


Yes some kind of indicator would be very useful. Messing around with it now, very unclear if the mobs I’m killing are counting and how far it’s radius goes. Also would like to know if re equipping it to set it down in a new location resets the progress? Very confused about the grinding machine in its current state


The progress does not get reset if you re-deploy it or move it.

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Did not get chest 3 or 4 and been work on 5 for a couple hour at the spot . Has anyones .just not reset ?


Ill PM you some info about it.


“Yeah it worked” indicator would be great! or bronze silver gold notification for each level within a level. I feel like I’ve been on level 5 for a bit. Been farming for an hour or two the past two days at “the spot”. I keep questioning if my grinding device is registering kills or not.


I don’t know “the spot” (in wastelands there are at least 3, all overfarmed at times though), but that is really too long. You only need red mobs for the last level, 30 of them, exactly, then it should level up to 5 and reset to level 1 (I counted them via combat-log, it is always 30, it takes me 50-60secs per mob with the musky, so without waiting much for respawn this is 30 minutes).


Ya spot in wastelands. Weird I have def killed more than 30 in past two days.

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Ty for number confirmation of kills thought I was nuts and kept telling myself " just a few more"


Just a tip for the GRINDER folks:

Once I realized which mobs counted for which levels the speed at which I can do a full clear probably dropped by half. This was especially true at level 5…where I discovered that I had been spending several hours killing the wrong mobs. At the right spot, it took me about an hour playing fairly casually.


Thanks for this.

The problem that I had was that I was killing lvl 30 mobs in the wastelands (even cons at 30) when you need to kill the lvl 31+ mobs only. This was made worse by me because I would occasionally kill the nearby red (lvl 31+ mobs) when I had cleared the 30s…so I managed to get the updates thinking that I needed to do MUCH more work than I needed.

I was confused by a post Riley made on the day the GRINDER went live where he said 30+ mobs would count for the last level. I interpreted that to mean level 30 and higher mobs…when he must have meant lvl 31 and higher mobs.

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