Grinding device

I was in the wastelands at old growth with my GRINDER showing four rings. I killed about a dozen mobs of the correct level to fill it. Then a chest popped up and gave me 5000 experience and six items. The device was still on four rings, it had not filled. Is this intermediate chest a glitch or new feature?

I spent some more time at old growth and the GRINDING filled up normally after that.

Did you try tossing your grider out again? I think this is just a visual bug.

I was in the wastelands when the chest popped up after about 12 kills, I opened it and got a handful of items. Not the usual quantity though. At that point I thought my GRINDER was reset to zero rings so I threw it out again. It was still at four rings as if I had had no chest at all. I continued and got a chest after 30 or so kills as normal then the grinder was rest to zero rings as it seems I got an additional chest at about four and a half rings!

My grinder finished the 5th ring in the Wastelands the other night. I got my xp but no chest was to be found. Tried re-logging etc and nothing. Grinder is back to level 1.

Oh when I get no chest from my GRINDER or a treasure map loging off and on sorts it for me. Maybe the Devs can help you Jen.

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The same thing happened to me today. I suddenly noticed my grinder was back to level 1 but no chest had spawned. I walked away from the area I was farming, turned around and walked back. All of a sudden I heard the distinctive sound of a loot drop and the chest spawned exactly where I thought it should’ve been.

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With regards to a chest not appearing occasionally, it may be spawning underground, this is something we have to look into.

For the original “extra” chest, I’m not sure, we have not been aware of this happening before so thank you for reporting it.

I have only ever had an extra sparse chest once so I thought it was worth mentioning. It was a couple of days ago as above.

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